about tired & crunchy

My name is Torie. I’m the wife of a U.S. Marine veteran, whom I affectionately call “Hubbin.” I’m the mother of sweet little girl that we often call “Tiny.” I have a B.A. in History. I hold Master’s of Liberal Arts in American Studies. I consider myself a historian (although stuffy academia begs to differ). I love to read and learn and am always trying to expand my mind and reach for the stars. I first started my Facebook page because I was so isolated as a new mother. I was in a graduate program; so I was neither a working mom nor was I a stay-at-home mom. Because the demands on my time were different than either of those groups I found myself consistently on the outside of mom circles, no matter how hard I tried to connect with other moms. When I had questions or concerns about my Tiny it served to heighten my sense of isolation. Because of this I read of lot sources from many points of view and used those to formulate my own opinions. I certainly don’t have it all figured out. But I’ve done a lot of reading that I thought was worth sharing.

I’ve been told by women wiser than myself that if you have a good idea but keep it to yourself, you still have only ONE good idea. However, if you share that idea with someone else who, in turn, shares another idea with you, then you have TWO good ideas. So in that vein I decided to start a page that was different from so many other parenting blogs out there. As a historian the way I conduct my research and present my findings is different from other sources out there.  My posts are listed with my summary and opinions, beneath which I will provide a list of resources for you to continue your own research (don’t worry, they won’t be in formal Chicago citation style). I will endeavor to include some historical information to bring issues into a broader social context whenever possible.

The focus of this page will include

  • Women’s Issues and Marriage (including those that pertain to military spouses)
  • Childhood/Parenting Philosophies
  • Social Concerns that I Believe Impact Families
  • Health, Nutrition, and Whole-Body Wellness
  • Product Reviews (Including Toys, Health Products, and Television Shows For Kids)
  • Encouragement In All Of These Concerns



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