Simplify your kid’s wardrobe

This might seem like a wierd post for December but, since I talked about simplifying gift giving - and more particularly the 'four gift rule' - it seemed an opportune time to talk about kids clothes. Children's clothes are crazy expensive. It's really easy to get sucked into the crazy holiday 'sales' and get carried … Continue reading Simplify your kid’s wardrobe

Simplify your gift-giving

There is something about this season that unleashes a hopeful expectancy... and not always in a healthy way. People - not just kids - want and expect more than most budgets can handle. Aside from the other ways in which people overdo and overcommit, overspending can really put a damper on the beginning of the … Continue reading Simplify your gift-giving

Why I participate in Small Business Saturday

I love my local True Value franchise. I'm not kidding. It's seriously the best store. They have a smaller selection than some of the the larger hardware stores but there is one major difference: all of the items they sell are high quality and the employees know about each of the items. In addition to being able to provide a quality sales … Continue reading Why I participate in Small Business Saturday

Why I don’t do Black Friday

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? This year has simply flown by! Today I'm going to take a little detour (not really a break, though) from the series on considering others to talk consumerism and how much I dislike everything about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday promotes mind-blowing behavior. Let’s call it … Continue reading Why I don’t do Black Friday

Share your smile with others

In my experience, learning to consider others starts in your neighborhood. Kids can learn to understand connections to others by understanding proximity and interaction. According to some recent studies, Americans (and other developed nations, too) are far less likely to know who their neighbors are. In fact, only 31% of Americans polled by Pew said … Continue reading Share your smile with others