Planning to… lead the way

Tiny’s charter school started virtually the second week of August… and we’ve been going strong long before many of our local public schools were even considering opening their fall session. To say that virtual school leaves much to be desired is an understatement. Virtual school is UN-delicious. The biggest challenge we’ve faced during all of … Continue reading Planning to… lead the way

Planning for… being present

A few weeks ago, I shared, along with some of my anxieties, that I’d made a choice to focus on those things that I CAN do in the face of uncertainty. Since then I’ve had some surprising conversations with friends and family about my post and realized that more people struggle with that than I … Continue reading Planning for… being present

Why I participate in Small Business Saturday

I love my local True Value franchise. I'm not kidding. It's seriously the best store. They have a smaller selection than some of the the larger hardware stores but there is one major difference: all of the items they sell are high quality and the employees know about each of the items. In addition to being able to provide a quality sales … Continue reading Why I participate in Small Business Saturday